This week I went through all of the footage that I have gained for my project and organized it into three different groups. The first group was usable content I can use for the project, the second group is video that I may be able to use if I really need it, and the third group being video that is unusable. I also have been putting together some short clips and trying to create sequences in premiere pro just to experiment with the footage, and this process has not been as smooth because downloading the software on my PC did not go as easy as I had hoped, It is also definitely harder to use premiere on a smaller laptop screen, but I am committed to making this work,

Since I am not a huge gamer and just really got interested in the eSports team in the fall, I have been doing some research into the sport to enhance my knowledge of the sport. My goal is to become an expert at this sport and especially what the Arcadia eSports can offer to its school and community. Some research I have done includes looking up other schools and their teams, traditional games played during the tournaments, how many universities have an eSports team, and how large each team is. 

Overall, this week was focused more on going through footage and finding the pieces that I will use in the final project. Along with all of the research I have attained I will use this to complete a good product moving forward while also having a better understanding of eSports as a community.