During the first few days of social distancing and quarantine, I did my best to find ways to get creativity flowing. I knew that, since we were meant to be on “spring break” for at least the first few days, I could step back from my work if only for a moment and find ways to be inspired. It started with baking, which I’ve come to find has been everyone’s way to get through things recently. I tried a new bread recipe, a new oatmeal cookie recipe. At the rate I was going, it would’ve been a new recipe every single day. I started playing a new video game, something I haven’t done in years. I did crafts, but nothing felt fulfilling enough for a long enough period of time. Getting my logo done last week felt like the biggest step in quite a while. I have had such a block in the last few weeks that it’s been hard figuring out where to go from here. Last night, just to feel productive, I made a giant bowl of guacamole. (My productivity has pretty much only worked in terms of cooking.) I’m working on an outline so that I can record an episode all on my own, just to see if the format works on its own. This week, I’m scheduling to record a few more episodes using Anchor so they might be done remotely. I’m hoping to get all of that done after the Loco Mag submission deadline, which is Monday, as I have quite a few things I need to catch up on on that front. I am hoping the process feels just a bit easier this week. Here’s hoping.