On Wednesday, March 11th, myself and the other students at Arcadia received an email late at night about the rapid advancements of the coronavirus. This email informed us that we would be doing our class work in an online environment for the rest of the week, as well as the two weeks following our spring break. As a senior, my initial thought was how this would affect the rest of my senior creative thesis project, and of course the rest of my other classes. I relied heavily on using the editing lab and video equipment on campus throughout, and now it was all about trying to figure how to make this work even with some limitations on what I am able to use.

Going through an unexpected change like this is never easy, but it is something that none of us saw coming and the senior class of 2020 will get through this. What we are going through is something like no other, but adversity builds character and this years’ seniors have too much tenacity to not overcome this. Just about everyone’s creative project has had complications caused by this pandemic we are in and the current situation of us not being on campus, but it is up to us to make the most of what we have and what we can still manage from this point. 

The next few weeks for myself will be about using some footage that I already have for my project, and managing it the best I can to create a final project that will satisfy myself, instructors, and have something to show future employers. I will also describe how I am adjusting with school work while being restricted to two places, my home and my job. More details about this process and specifics about my project will come in the future blogs.