For my senior thesis project, I am creating a logo, website and marketing materials for my mom’s new private practice. She is a licensed speech and language pathologist (SLP), specializing in speech-language therapy for babies, toddlers, school-age children and adults. She offers accent modification therapy, autism support services, and in-school support for families who need advocates for their children in terms of school accommodations. I am focusing primarily on building a website to be the main “hub” of information about her services, as well as creating social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to drive traffic to the website. This website has taken up a bulk of my efforts, with tasks including: researching/buying a fitting website provider, creating a design that works with what my mom wants to portray, creating a color scheme and logo, adding these colors into design elements on the website (in the form of graphics and photos built in Photoshop), researching best practices for search engine optimization (which could fill a separate post entirely!) and writing up copy for the paragraphs on the website to correlate with keywords in google, installing a form plugin to get people to request a free consultation, and many other random tasks that I never expected would be as important as they were! I also created a blog for us to share best practices about reading to children, advice for engaging students with autism, etc —all topics that resonate with parents who are looking for experts in the field. The blog serves as a way to drive traffic to the website because individual posts can be shared via social media, improving search ranking and ultimately getting people to the website to explore the different services my mom offers. Beyond the website, I am also designing print materials: two large road signs, business cards, brochures and print ads. Though these aren’t digital, they do help maintain brand consistency and recognition, so they indirectly help with the overall mission! 🙂 So yeah, that’s been my big, ambitious project for the year! 

Here are some graphics I created as part of the rebranding initiatives. I’m aiming to create a cohesive brand across both the website, social media channels and print materials!