We spend so much of our lives trying to figure out who we are. I’ve tracked my journey over these 4 years through my videos. A lot of change has happened all too fast. But it made me realize something. I’m ready to carry it with me. I’m ready to understand it.

So come with me.

See me off.

Remember Me FORGET ME

Memories are made to be carried with you.

My name is Matthew Rillon and I’m a senior video production major at Arcadia University. This final thesis project is everything that I’ve been working towards. Despite the difficulties that the world has thrown at me, I’ve overcome them all and this project is no exception. I make a lot of abstract videos that revolve around me trying to visualize my emotions. They always have a heavy focus on post production because I strive to be a video editor. At this point, I’ll take anything in the field, but I want to find a video editor that will take me under their wing and show me everything. I strive for unity in the filmmaking process.