Danita Mapes

Danita Mapes is a Media & Communication major with a concentration in Multimedia Publishing. This may be cliche, but she knew she wanted to work with media from a young age. In elementary school, she dreamed of being a news anchor like her favorite morning news hosts. In middle school, she wanted to change the world with world-changing news articles, and now, she’s just really excited to be involved in all things media. 

Danita serves as the co-editor-in-chief of lifestyle and culture magazine Loco Mag, citation editor for The Compass, Because Arcadia blogger, and the Writer’s Bloc social media director. Also, if you request an interlibrary loan through the library, she might just be the one processing it! 

She loves hoarding random books, crocheting, puzzles, cooking, gardening, and writing when inspiration strikes.


Danita Mapes Blog #2

I’m honestly struggling at this point! I feel frozen, like I can’t write anything at all, and my imposter syndrome about not being a good enough editor in chief has kicked in. I also had an ongoing medical emergency starting on Sunday that hasn’t been resolved, so...

Danita Mapes Blog #1

Honestly, I have my idea, but not a whole lot of substance yet. It’s kind of scary because I feel like everyone has such a good handle on what they’re doing, and I always flounder until the last minute.  My idea so far is to create a kind of guidebook for future Loco...