Barbara St. Fleur

Magazines have women with bikinis on the cover. Tv shows include sexual chemistry to make sure the series survives more than one season. In television shows, characters talk about sex in moderation and through sexual innuendos and jokes. It does not give the goods about sex or the 411. 

In other magazines, sex is an illusion of fantasy. There is always BS about using candles to get in the mood. No one talks about the real things that you need. Condoms and other things you may want to include in your sex life. 

In this society, we are conditioned to believe that sex scenes in television shows and movies are good or normal. Yet, Porn is bad because the scenes in porn included penetration. Our society is willing to use the illusion of sex to sell our product and contribute to our capitalistic society, but it’s not normal to portray the physical representation of sex.  The hypocrisy

     My name is Barbara St Fleur. I am a global media major with a concentration in multimedia production. I have been the layout editor for the Honor project’s Scholars journal for three years. I am also a student fellow in the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Mentoring. Before the pandemic, I was the Social media Manager for the Black Awareness Society. I have an interest in different subcultures within larger cultures. For the past few years I have focused on identity. I hope to use identity and culture to support free speech and limited censorship. I have started doing so by creating videos, podcasts and articles about expressing different opinions in a positive and respectful way.  I love how the media can share what you may feel about something and give you a platform to say your peace.





Thesis Statement: 

My thesis is focused on how sex being censored affects the development of young adults. I will be addressing the shame that is put on someone who chooses to express themselves sexually. Young adult are learning less about sex because the information is being limited. I want to focus on this because a lot of people don’t know the basics about sex and health because there is a taboo around talking about sex.