My creative project has been a bit of a roller coaster. My project changed 3 times and I felt like a failure every time I changed my mind about it. However, as an avid believer that everything happens for a reason, I’ve ended up with a project that I can’t imagine having not created. It was emotional and terrifying and hard to make, but for all the right reasons. I’ve spent most of my creative career at Arcadia making videos about other people. I’m a sucker for a good portrait. So, what better way to end my time here than with a personal piece, an introspective portrait of myself. After many hours of middle of the night filming & editing, a lot of writing, and a few tears, ‘who am i?’ was born. I hope you like it as much as I do, but if not that’s cool too.



A sleep deprived and overly caffeinated student at Arcadia University, that is how I’ve described myself for the past four years – just ask my instagram bio or my locomag editor page. My four years at Arcadia have taught me a lot about myself and the world, I came in knowing next to nothing and I am graduating with a wealth of knowledge and a desire to learn even more.

My creative thesis has been quite the process, and right now it is going through another phase of growing. It started as a documentary about grief which ultimately crashed and burned. Then it turned into something I was incredibly excited to work on, a narrative piece based off of The Office, called The Tavern. It was based off of the restaurant I work at, The Eagle Tavern, that has been in my family for over 30 years. My coworkers and I had a blast working on it and creatively I felt like I was thriving. However, covid-19 has, ever so kindly, ruined my ability to finish filming that project. Moving on from the heartbreak of not being able to finish my intended goal has led me to a new project. It’s a documentary piece about myself called who am i?

I was incredibly excited to work on my original thesis project. I had so much fun writing and filming what I could of it. After many an attempt to piece together what I had, I had to come up with a new concept. Problem was, I wasn’t excited to work on it. So, I took some the footage I had, made a ‘blooper reel,’and published it on locomag. I guess that was sort of my way of saying goodbye to that project? I don’t  know, but it felt good to make it. Now I am fully concentrated on making my new project just as good as I dreamed my original project would be.