Welcome to one last journey into the pirate world. To prepare for this adventure, I have watched two movies that I believe are crucial when it comes to understanding how pirates are perceived and one of the tropes that would become heavily intertwined with pirates. Both Disney’s Peter Pan & Robinhood. Peter Pan’s notion of Captain Hook behaving as a one note antagonist who is extremely cruel and finds joy in the suffering of others. Hook and his crew, being the only pirates in this children’s movie, project a very important notion of how pirates are thought of in the media. As for how Robin Hood relates, there is a growing mindset for a large number of characters that operate on the same intention that Robin Hood does, that of stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. This sort of idea we see transfer over to a lot of modern depictions of pirates, especially when they are the protagonists. 


One Piece (Netflix’s live action remake specifically) makes Luffy into a sort of “Robin-Hood” like character, as for a majority of the show the only people that he is inconveniencing are the Marines (the group of people we have seen been mean to children) and people taking advantage of others. Luffy, and the rest of the Straw Hat pirates, are “different kind of pirates” as Luffy would say. They are the type of pirates to help people, and help people against the government.