Currently, the station is still out of service. The past several weeks have consisted of various accounts of troubleshooting. I have been in contact with both the school’s IT department and Mixlr’s support. Mixlr has provided some advice but none of it has been enough to fix our issue just yet. With IT, they haven’t been very reliable. I had gotten in contact with them a few weeks ago hoping to get some help but that was followed by a lack of response. That is thankfully no longer the case as they have just recently replied with help that I am hoping will be just what we need to take care of our issue. Lisa also got into contact with them to push them along further in providing attention to the station. At the nearest opportunity I am going to get into the station and attempt to apply the advice they provided. If by some chance it works, I will be extremely pleased to carry out the rest of what I had in mind for the station. That includes adding two work study positions for the students who are interested. Brianna and I will also be able and I carry out our plans with PR/Marketing to its fullest extent. Without an actively working station there isn’t much I can do which is unfortunate. Here’s to hoping we get some stuff to work.