As it stands right now, the magazine is almost entirely finished. I realized during this process that graphic design is not, in fact, my passion, so with the magazine entirely assembled, I decided to work with a designer I know to help polish the magazine and make it look more professionally designed than what I am capable of on my own. I recorded podcasts with the contributors like I wanted to, though one of them was unable to record, and during the month of April I’m going to be posting clips from the interviews leading up to the launch date. I’ve been a little distracted from social media lately, as I’ve been working on everything else I really haven’t had time to post as frequently. Once the magazine is done being looked over by the designer, it’s going to go off to the printer! I’m a little nervous about the printing process, because if it doesn’t work out how I’d like it will be a stressful process to get it fixed, but I think it will all be worth it in the end.