Recently, I did a lot of work on the social media aspect of the magazine, and this past week I mostly worked with my contributors to make sure their articles were getting in on time. Right now I have six contributors, and I just got confirmation for a seventh! I was a little worried that my contributors were submitting late, because I have to design the magazine, edit the articles, format everything, and still have time to upload the zine and print it, but by working closely with them and personally asking people to contribute, the process has been pretty straightforward and easy to navigate with them. Four of the contributors have given me their articles, and I’ve even been able to convince people to write a few articles, which made me really happy. I’ve also been working on design elements for the magazine, planning out social media posts, and scheduling upcoming interviews with contributors that I’ll clip for social media promotion. For this project, I decided early on that I would do a print edition, a digital upload of the issue, a podcast/contributor interviews, and social media for the magazine. This has been a lot of work and the next two weeks will be the hardest so far, but I am ready and excited for it to all come together!