This project has been making me so happy! I took a little break last week to focus on my other classes, and I was worried that I would start to fall behind but I’m glad I did so much groundwork in the beginning stages, because I was able to get back into things this week and really make some progress. I drafted a few articles, started formatting some articles in the magazine, and made a list of feature articles that I’m going to work down to one cover featureI made a groupchat with the contributors and all of them were working really collaboratively to come up with ideas and some of them even said they wanted to come back for a second issue. I also started social media this week, and that included choosing a logo, creating an announcement post, moodboard post, and call for contributors. I also started to grow my following a little bit to build anticipation for the magazine, and I’m getting really excited about the project. At this point I’m really considering continuing the zine beyond this project and beyond Arcadia, but we’ll have to see how the first issue goes!