My total photo album has reached 313 photos, which is super exciting for me. I have more than enough photos to create the desired themes and exhibits I want in the photo album. I still plan to get more photos as well to make my selection base larger. I will not be using all of the photos in the album. 

I feel good about the state of my website. I might add a few more things here or there, but the structure and photos I have currently on the website embody the overall feeling of my project.

I have been talking with my mom, an ex-wedding photographer, about photo album options, so I am excited about that and have a good feeling about 2-3 companies I might use for the physical album itself. I will start constructing that on April 1 and send it away to give myself plenty of time to get that back before thesis night!  I am excited to organize the album and create poems and captions that encompass each photo and make it more complete. 

Here is one of my favorites that I have captured so far!