Earlier in the week I distributed the link to a Google Form I made asking for fan testimonials surrounding The Wldlfe. I tweeted the link along with texting it to friends of mine in our Wldlfe-based Discord server. The form includes two questions, the first of which asks respondents to share memories, stories, or reviews they have about the band, and the second just asks for their names, pronouns, and where they’re from. As of the morning of March 29, I have 9 submissions, which is more than I thought I’d get!

I am including these testimonials in my project because other fans’ opinions are just as valuable as mine and I want to capture what we are all feeling about The Wldlfe in an interactive and memorable way. When my project is done, I am going to be sending it to the band as well as their manager, so I want it to be as comprehensive and positive as possible. Their music and kindness mean the world to me and so many others, so hosting these personal accounts and experiences on my capstone project’s website is an honor.