Moving along with shows on the air! I have done 3 shows so far and anticipate 6 more. It’s been going super well. I had a few people tell me when they see me on campus that my playlists are insane and that never fails to make me feel good! I think with a project you are trying to incorporate one of your passions with, sometimes it can feel too tedious and you end up not wanting to move forward with it. I was starting to feel like that by the second show in terms of all the work I still had lined up. But hearing good feedback kinda knocked me out of that thinking. I just had to remember that I love music, I love creating things and I love sharing with people. I have completed all playlists so now all that is left for me is the website and zine portions of it! I can do hard things and that’s what I have been repeating in my head like a mad man for the past 3 weeks.