The following podcast will be much easier for me to develop content for. I will most likely be featuring multiple guests from the Arcadia Men’s Lacrosse team and may have a Widener or Fairfield lacrosse player speak on the topics covered as well. This podcast will resemble Phi-Lacrosse-Ophy which is hosted by Jamie Munro. As a prior Division 1 coach and father of both male and female Division 1 lacrosse players, he uses his prior experience and network to discuss philosophies, lacrosse specific concepts, and recruiting from the coaches perspective. Although his more recent podcasts focus less on the recruiting aspects of head and assistant coaches at the Division 1 level, I will tie back to his older podcasts and focus on the decision making process of the athlete rather than that of the coach. The main topics I will reference are school environment, team environment, and the philosophy of the coaches at each university. During my research over spring break, I found another podcast I will sample from. Lacrosse Recruiting: 101 which is hosted by Luke Cometti. I will continue to listen to these podcasts to generate more in depth questions for my teammates and other lacrosse players, but am most looking forward to diving deeper into the decision making process than originally thought of.