Ahoy crew! The Pirate talk is back, and this time I have finished the three main Pirates of the Caribbean movies and I have so much to say. The movies are so good, and they fall into an interesting dynamic of making the pirates be good people, and have lines talking about how someone like Billy Turner is a good person and a pirate, something that is largely ignored in previous media that I have been watching. Another new aspect that Pirates brings up is the idea of a pirate hierarchy with the introduction of the Pirate Lords and Pirate King; an idea that will get brought up again in One Piece. There is so much material when it comes to morality with the pirates in this franchise, and it’s an interesting piece to note that the threat to our main pirates are largely other pirates with the underlying threat being the british. Pirates also more directly brings us the idea that being on a ship is an aspect of being free, and that being a pirate is a chance at true freedom. 


I like pirates, both the movies and the people.