Currently, I am finishing up the production of the first episode of my podcast. I have put almost everything together and I have my recordings and the sounds I want to use currently in place. The last few things I need to do for this episode include, adding music, transitions, and fixing up an intro to the episode. There is still some stuff to do, but I like how it’s been coming together so far. Once those three things are done, I can finally consider this episode finished, and move on to the next episode where I start the process over again. For the next episode, I should have a better feel on the stuff I need, or don’t need, and how much content I can use and fit into the podcast timewise and entertainment-wise. I hope for the next one I can find a few more outside clips to use throughout the episode. Also, the process of the final script and the actual production part should become easier next time, because I believe have a good sense of it after the first episode. Even though I was really interested in the topic of the first episode and enjoyed making it, I am still excited to go on and tell a different story.