My progress is at a lull to be honest. I get into moods where I work for hours on this project and then I will completely forget about it. I think it’s just because I have a lot more homework to focus on and work and whatnot but I always find my way back to productivity so I’m not so worried! Last week I worked with Julia a little bit in the podcast studio in Murphy next to her office! Lisa and I talked about how I can get around having to use the ARC studio and she mentioned that this may be the best option for me! So Julia walked me through it and I think I am going to see what I can do from there. I think it might be easiest to record a bunch of intros and edit them together with the playlists for that week. But in thinking about that idea, I realized how much work that would be. So I think I might record the intro and all my adlibs and facts I would have said throughout the show and have that be put on the website. That was the best I could come up with that would be less taxing but just as beneficial! That’s all I have now to update…I think I am in a rather good spot with everything! Just a couple tedious things here and there. It’s coming together in the final throes nicely. 

On March 4th I was able to do my first show! Jake met me in the studio and refreshed my memory on how to work the board and what not and then it was just me and the mic for 2 hours! It was honestly so fun, I forgot how much I love doing this and seeing people’s reactions to the songs I picked and my little adlibs and whatnot! I got so many texts that night all throughout the show and it was just super awesome. This means that my schedule is back on track. Because I started the week before spring break, I get a week where I can just grind out future playlists and whatnot. I feel like every time I write one of these I say the same thing but also these make me realize just how little work I’ve laid out for myself. Which is nice on my end but as for blog posts it makes me sound redundant. But anyway. I am so excited to continue this process with all its parts!