Since my last update, I have been working heavily on my website. I have also decided against the physical zine for multiple reasons, the main one being money constraints. I also feel that all of the material I’m including in my entire project will fare better in a digital format. I’ve decided to incorporate more videos I’ve taken at The Wldlfe shows, along with more pictures and testimonials from other fans. I have big plans for this website! I originally wanted to use Canva for building my website, but since they only allow you to make one-paged sites, I moved over to Wix. I also tried SquareSpace, but there were weird hidden paywalls that weren’t advertised at first, making it nearly impossible to keep my website running beyond the end of March without paying subscription fees. 

Building my website has been a great learning experience. Having taken HTML and coding classes, I enjoy working behind the scenes to make a site look as presentable as can be. I also thoroughly enjoy playing around with fonts, backgrounds, and different elements to make the site more aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly, and easy on the eyes. I have used Wix in the past for academic and personal reasons, so I figured after fighting with Canva and SquareSpace, I should return to my roots. I anticipate having countless more hours working to finish my site, but I know each of those hours will be filled with joy and satisfaction.