I would say I am about 75% done with my thesis project at this point. I have a culmination of over 200 photos that I have taken over the last few months, that encapsulate the vibe I am going for for my photo album. In addition, my Canva website is up and running, and I really like the effectiveness of the layout. During this week, I created 3 short videos with content encapsulating the art of noticing life through a video camera. These have been a huge hit on the website and across my personal social media pages. For the weeks to come, I hope to take more photos in the month of March as spring arrives, including some as my softball team takes our spring break trip to Florida this week. By April 1st, I want to stop taking photos and switch my attention to physically creating and laying out the photo album so I may purchase that ahead of time and give the company plenty of time to get that to me before thesis day!