I have just finished my adventure with Black Sails and oh my god was it amazing. Season 4 takes everything I loved about Season 3 and triples it, it was such a great season and a great show. S4E7 focusing mostly on Jack Rackham was my favorite in the whole thing, and the ending S4E10 might have put it into a contender for one of my favorite shows of all time. The last two seasons of this show are brilliant. Seasons 1 and 2 really built up Pirates and 3 and 4 really hit it home. The pirate ship battles, the lasting effects of piracy, the rebellious nature against the British, it’s all done wonderfully. I fear I was too encapsulated in watching that I did not take enough notes. It was that good. The second I finish writing about Pirates for this video essay, I am rewatching Black Sails just for myself. 


A few key points that I love: Rackham & Vane’s name reaches all the way to Philly, but all the truest human parts about them have been stripped away in the story. An old explorer talks about how you never forgot the feel of being out at sea, and how once you step foot on a boat again every memory comes flooding back. Someone who stole something and someone who falsely accused someone of stealing on a crew are both met with death. And lastly, I really like Pirates.