At this point in the project, I have started recording my first episode. With my final script for episode one finished, I’ve been recording my planned dialogue. Once I’m finished I will upload all of my recordings and pair them with the clips I selected and finally get to be able to put together the full story. The production process will include that, but also finding and placing the finishing touches on what I want my podcast to look like. This could include sounds, music, and more that make the story more interesting to listen to, professional, and make it unique to myself. I am excited about this process because it’s a chance to finally put things together and put my own touch on how I want the story to sound to the listener. I want to make sure that it’s not only cohesive and digestible, but make sure it’s not very bland where all the listener hears a bunch of different people talking. I want to break up the segments of the story and create something like chapters that signal to the listener the changes in the story and keep them engaged. Once all that is done, I will be working on researching for the next episode and putting together a rough script for that as well.