I have begun to schedule times with my interviewees and finish up scripts for the first three episodes. I am so excited to begin recording over Spring Break and begin this adventure. I am also in the process of making a website that will contain all of my sources and notes that aren’t included in the audio of the podcast, as well as a landing page for all things podcast. This will likely be done through Canva, which seems to be my best bet for the time being. I am also happy to be able to stretch my interview and outreach skills through this project, and looking forward to how interacting with professionals/experts will be. I am also recovering from a cold, which is an obstacle I had not considered before: a podcast needs your voice to be in tip-top shape! Overall, I am progressing well with my project and I am already planning ten steps ahead for some potential additions, like some social media for the podcast and maybe doing some marketing work to get more listeners!