Over the past two weeks, I have continued to make progress on the website. I added a button in the footer of the website that links to the radio station’s Instagram page. I have also added a button for people to submit a song request. The song request form hasn’t been created yet but once it is, I will link that to the button. I also uploaded three of the members’ pictures and bios to the Meet The Team page. I am planning on reaching out to Julia next week to see if she has any recommendations for how I can make the website more visually appealing or what features I could add to it. I think sticking with Arcadia colors is best but I don’t want the website to look too plain. I reached out to Jake to get more information on the days and times the radio station will be live so I can put that schedule up on the homepage. I also asked him for input on what he would like to see in the welcome message. I hope to get both of those things put on the website by the end of next week. The goal was to get everything on the website by the end of February but since there has been some issues with the radio station it might be a little later than that. I am hoping everything is up and running soon!