Since my last update, I have made a lot of headway on my project. Jansen sent me the unedited video of our interview, which ended up being around seven minutes long. I wanted to be able to do a bit longer of an interview, but with time constraints and outside circumstances hindering the band from getting to Orlando on time, Jansen still so kindly gave me his time while the rest of the band hurriedly soundchecked inside the venue. Their new photographer and videographer, Riley Peters, recorded it on Jansen’s phone for us, which was super kind of him as well.

After I got the file, I got right to work on editing and polishing it. I used iMovie on my Macbook Air whose fan was screaming for mercy while I did so. Even more to my laptop’s discontent, I added closed captioning because the audio, to quote Jansen in his message to me, “isn’t great!” I made sure to type them all myself and watch the video frame by frame to get the captions as close to accurate as possible. It was an exceptionally dreary and cold day in downtown Orlando, so the sounds of cars zooming by on the wet road were very prominent. That’s what Jansen was referring to when he said to me that the audio isn’t great. I did what I could in iMovie to noise-cancel the background and enhance our voices. I also added music to the background (at the lowest possible volume without it being absolutely unnoticeable) as well as title and transition cards to add structure to the interview. After all was said and done, the video ended up being around six minutes long. This is going to be the main focus of my project. Now, my next step is to begin the website and start designing the zine!