This past weekend, I traveled to Atlanta, GA, and Orlando, FL to attend two concerts of my favorite band, The Wldlfe. Not only was I there as a fan who travels the country regularly to see them, but I was there as a senior Media and Communication major who had the opportunity of a lifetime. Jansen Hogan, lead singer of The Wldlfe, allowed me to interview him for the main content of my creative project. I had messaged him in early December asking if we could work together to set up an interview before one of the two aforementioned shows I was attending, and he responded very quickly with an enthusiastic “yes.” Never in my life have I anticipated something more intensely and excitedly.

Before the show in Orlando, Jansen came outside and talked to me a few times to coordinate the plan. He eventually brought out the person in charge of photography and social content for this tour, Riley, and began filming. I asked Jansen about five questions and took about 10 to 15 minutes to learn more about himself and the band. Jansen told me he’d edit the video for me, which means a lot because I love his video editing style. There was a slight hiccup with the sound quality of the video so at the current moment he is trying his best to improve it. If problems persist, we are going to meet for a Zoom interview tomorrow, February 22. This interview (or two) is the main chunk of my project and once finalized, I will be able to build the rest of my project around it.