My thesis is moving and shaking! I have had this idea for my creative thesis since May 2023, when I viewed a video essay on YouTube surrounding the art of noticing life. Since then, I have made it a priority to take photos and videos with my phone and Canon 6D camera anywhere I go which makes me feel like I am noticing life again! I know this might sound like a silly concept to some, but there are so many mundane or small things that we overlook in life when we are in the grind of day-to-day life. Since the semester has begun, I have taken around 80 photos that I feel embody this concept, just carrying my camera around whenever I can and snagging some things on my phone as a last resort. Recently, I have begun organizing the photos I already have in categories that might go well together in the book, as well as creating a list of places, events, and items I would like to capture organically if I can in the next 2 months. So far so good on this project and it has really allowed me to open up to the beauty of day-to-day life.