Submissions for Between Two Trees: A Collaborative Zine are officially underway and moving smoothly! Between Two Trees is not only a title that resonates with my own personal love of nature but also one that encompasses the current student/societal position of being in between one place and another. I love that different names can mean a variety of things to one person or another, and I am hoping to use this magazine to collect a wide range of different written and visual work with that idea as a guide. So far, I have the initial branding and submissions materials launched: a call for contributors, submission form, Instagram where people can follow along with the project and find more info (@_betweentwotrees). I want to prioritize having different types of artwork and writing included as well as as many unique perspectives as possible. Submissions will be open until March 3rd and until then I’ll be working on promoting the issue, planning the design and layout of the finished print magazine, and also creating my own content for it. I also plan on having an accompanying website, where I can house all info and also include any pieces that I wasn’t able to fit in the book itself. 

Overall I am making good progress. At this point it’s a lot of sitting back and waiting for submissions to roll in, but I am excited for the next steps!