Welcome to the ship, crew! I am 600 words deep underwater after watching Treasure Island (1950), which has popularized nearly everything that we attribute to pirates, and Black Sails (seasons 1-3). I am on the last two episodes of season 3, which has quickly become my favorite season of the show. Black Sails S3 is when the show fully becomes what I thought it would be from the start. The ruthlessness of the Pirates and the mentality of striking fear into the English with the English are far more involved as an enemy. Also, season 3 introduces us to the one and only Blackbeard. These two are serving as my guide to how pirates were perceived when they were still thought of as fearsome and enemies of the common people. From this point onward, things get a little muddy with pirates and how they start to be portrayed. Next I plan on watching and analyzing how pirates are portrayed in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies!