The radio station has been an absolute blast for me since taking over. It didn’t take me very long at all to get used to the managerial/administrative element of this role. That has been the majority of what I have been up to. Since taking over, I have introduced myself to all of the members of the station and have begun building relationships with them. I spent the start of my time as President reaching out to everyone to check and see where their interests lie in participating. From that, I was able to identify who could still have a show and who was unable to do so. Then came scheduling and training. This was a tricky task, as I was talking between multiple students at once working out when they would be available to have a show and fitting it all smoothly into a schedule. Alongside that, was determining who needed training and who already had it. We held a group training session for a group of roughly 8-9 students that went really well. Following that, for those who were unable to attend the group session, I scheduled individual training sessions which I also feel like went very well. Again, it was all very new to me having this leadership role in this field. I’ve enjoyed it so much and can’t wait for the next few months to play out. 


Beyond this, I was able to team up with Brianna Colantoni who will be working with me to take on the PR/Marketing side of the station. I’m super excited to carry this out with her, as it is arguably the most important aspect of this project. Unfortunately though, we’ve come across some technical issues with broadcasting through Mixlr that has kept us from kicking things off as intended two weeks ago. This has been rough as we have been unable to find a solution just yet. I am hoping we can take care of this soon so we can get on the air and start having fun.