At this point in the project, I am completing my final script for episode 1 of the podcast series I am planning to make. I have finished the rough script for the episode which includes the order of the story and the materials to use within the different aspects of the story. I plan to make this podcast series as entertaining as possible rather than going through the route of being a detective. I think the stories I have chosen are all really interesting whether you’re a sports fan or not, and I want to give the stories as much justice as I can and make listeners invested and intrigued in the story no matter their hobbies. One of the struggles with that is making sure that every element or aspect of the story is clear and concise to the listener. In the case of the first episode, there are a lot of aspects of Rugby and international politics that I was not very familiar with. So, I cannot expect the listener to be familiar with it either, and I must make sure I do thorough research and make the background information as clear as possible but do justice to how unique it is to the story. However, that’s also the most interesting part of the project. I am learning new things, new sides of stories, about not only sports or events but cultures and history which makes it fun and interesting.