So far in this process, I’ve created a checklist for each part of a radio show. I have the schedule for each show until May and a time slot for each show. I’ve had many setbacks in terms of performing live, so I had to switch up the main focus of this project a little bit to give time and respect to those working to get the radio up and running as best they can!  For the show (for 70s, 2000s, and 60s so far), I have created the playlist, script and zine. For the capstone portion, its respective webpage is complete and the most recent zine is in its final touches. I timed it out and recorded my progress and if I stay on this path, the playlist can be completed in a day (a couple of consistent hours, if I have them) the script takes a day, its respective webpage takes an evening (straight through if I have it or a couple of hours) and the zine can be complete if I dedicate at least 2 hours a day for a week (besides the day I would like it done, which is the earliest the Sunday before the show… the latest 5 pm on​​ that Monday). I have enough time on my hands to keep this schedule so it’s just a matter of discipline so I will be working on that. These past 2-3 weeks came with some challenges and things are hard to work out, (like realizing that I have to do the zines electronically rather than by hand like I wanted, technical difficulties with the software itself) and to stay on schedule I will only be able to create 8 pages of a zine rather than 16. These things are all doable (and fixable!) and I plan on doubling up the work on weeks when my homework to-do list is lighter! I am so excited about this project… I am so passionate about this and I think it’s going to be great!