At this point in time, I have met with Jake and received a tour of the Arc Radio station and learned about how it operates. We then had a brainstorming session and discussed what his vision is for the Arc Radio renovations and what my role is going to be in this process. We decided that I am going to be in charge of getting the wordpress website up and running. This means creating a recognizable brand for the radio station with a theme and design. Keeping in mind Jake’s suggestions, I am thinking of creating a design that is simple but also adds a pop of color which will make it unique and identifiable. So far, I logged into the wordpress site and familiarized myself with the features and how I want to format the pages. I am thinking of having a home page with a welcome message and then the most recent playlists. The other page I want to add is About Us where each station member will have their own spotlight so everyone can get to know them. I think more ideas will come to mind when I start putting information on the website and seeing how it looks and what I’m missing. The loose deadline I have is to get the foundation for the website completed by the end of the month. Jo also sent me the log in information for the Arc’s Instagram page so I can run that as well. I won’t be doing much with the account right now because I am focusing on the website. Eventually, I am planning on posting content on there because it will be a good way to advertise the radio station to the rest of Arcadia’s community. I feel good about where I am right now. As long as I continue to make some sort of progress each week, I am confident that I will be able to get everything done.