Campus Style Project Reflection

My Creative Thesis project is finally completed and I’ve been reflecting on my process throughout the semester. At first, I thought visiting multiple campuses in the Philly Area was an exciting idea and would give me a great collection of results, but as the semester progressed I found myself really wanting to stick to Arcadia’s campus. Due to COVID I hadn’t spent a lot of my college career on campus and I didn’t know many people very well. But through taking and sharing these photos I found myself getting more connected to campus and I loved challenging myself to work with the campus as a backdrop (which wasn’t too hard, not everyone has a castle on their campus). I was really encouraged by the support on instagram and by students reaching out wanting to participate. 

Once I got to the zine making process I was so excited to start compiling these photoshoots into a lookbook. I had saved a few pinterest ideas for how I wanted to show the looks visually and landed on making these style profile pages. The cover is my favorite part because it turned out almost exactly how I imagined it and I love the visual concept that introduces the rest of the booklet. If I’d had more time, I could’ve kept adding pages to the booklet because I have so many fun shots and editing ideas. Throughout the summer I plan to keep posting for fun and keep making collages of student style on campus. Thesis night was really exciting because so many people were interested in hearing about the project and many people had participated or followed the project on instagram. Overall I had a really fun time creating and putting together this project, meeting new people, and expanding my photography and creative direction skills. I even had a classmate reach out and ask to hire me for graduation photos and headshots!