A mental help app for creatives

Created and designed by Tatum Marino


Throughout my life I have both experienced and witnessed how important mental health is to an individual’s day-to-day functioning, especially for creative people. The massive stigma surrounding mental health has kept the public from being able to take care of themselves fully because of lack of knowledge as well as not being able to speak out about their struggles. My thesis, Thriving, is a mental health application designed as a tool for creative people to find a better balance between their mental health and their everyday lives by creating a space for learning and growing. It provides tips, self-care, resources, and goals for creatives to maintain mental stability in a world where burnout, mental illness, and creativity is a constant struggle. The application is less clinical and more based on day-to-day self-help, and by creating an approachable brand, people will gravitate towards it in order to be interested to learn more, as well as provide a new type of mental health care that does not involve going to a doctor or filling a prescription. My thesis is a culmination of my love for art and graphic design and real-world application to help make the world a little bit better.