Thesis is Here!!!


The day has come! 

Thesis presentations are officially over and finished with and I just gotta say I am super proud of myself and everything I’ve accomplished this past semester. The beginning of Spring 2022 was rough because I had such a slow start up on my thesis. It originally was a topic that I didn’t really want to cover but with the help of Alan and a bunch of my friends, I’ve gotten to a spot where I am super happy with everything I’ve done this time around.

It was also super rough because at the last second, someone dropped out of my thesis so I had to scramble and find another person to achieve those 40 videos I wanted to make. I want to send a special shout out to Delia who without them being so kind and helpful, I would have been suffering and crying and stressing even more about having 39 videos instead of 40. I  think towards the end of the semester I knew what I wanted to capture, how I wanted to capture it and it reflected in the videos I sent to Alan. I was super glad to have had everything edited by the Monday before thesis and could focus on other things for finals week.

I ended up sleeping in Alan’s office after hours because of all the things I needed to get done but I am just super relieved that everything is over and I can finally move on towards graduation. Also I am glad because maybe, my hair will start groing back. Stress has ceased my hair growth so hopefully it won’t be long before I get luxurious locks again.

A HUGE THANK YOU is extended to everyone who agreed to be in my thesis and to everyone who dealt with my stress. I want to thank Alan, Lisa, Chris Mullin and Julia Rodriguez for being great and for helping me through stressful times and to Michael Dwyer for helping me with my written thesis. I couldn’t have done it without you guys and everyone in my life who acted as the inspiration behind my thesis in the first place. Next stop: Graduation!!