I’m finally getting somewhere! I’m really satisfied with how my progress is going. I have about 2 minutes out of 5 minutes done of my video essay and the main reason I’m taking my time with it is because I want it to be the closest thing to perfect. The song I have used for my video essay is Phantom Thread- House of Woodcock, it’s a slow and moving song, it can definitely evoke any types of emotion which is one of my goals once I finish this video essay, is to move people emotionally and hope they are affected by the time they finish viewing the video. I have also decided to make a poster board but the ones that fold out into three parts, kind of like a science fair project and I am going to decorate in the most aesthetic way possible and to the best of my ability. I decided to do this so my table on thesis night isn’t plain and doesn’t have any personality since I’ll probably continue to play my video on a loop and hope that someone stops and watches it through and asks me questions. But yes, I should be done with my video by next week!