Over the past few weeks I have just continued to work on my app and I’m starting to lose my mind. A professor who’s been helping me with it just dropped a lot of (new) information about how I should be making the app, mind you I have 20-something days to do it so I feel like this information would have been helpful 4 months ago, but now I just want to scream and not be learning something new right now. I also just have a lot of work left. Everything is in high-fidelity from this point forward, and I will continue to build more pages as I finish up others, and when most of that is done I will start prototyping it into a working app. I have been editing existing assets such as illustrations that will go into buttons, backgrounds, and posters, and I have also completely redesigned my logo. My schedule is getting really busy with  other commitments, dealing with my last semester, general life, and honestly general impending doom so I’m going to have to start freaking out in order to have the time to finish what I want to do with my thesis. I am very stressed but it is starting to come together so that’s a plus.