All in all, my project is coming together which is all I could ever ask for. I photographed 5 models and edited the pictures I will be using for my book. The book is a little different than I first imagined, but I am enjoying the process of creating it. I am using InDesign for the layout and I have been using Photoshop to create every page. The book is called “Intersectionality”, a direct tribute to bell hooks. I used the first few pages to describe the concept of my book, which is really a series of photographs dedicated to hook’s concepts and influence. I am debating whether or not I want to have a table of contents and specifically assign pictures to certain concepts or just pair every single picture with a bell hooks quote or concept, which is how I started. This is my final struggle, as I think I am done photographing people unless I stumble upon a session this week. Right now, I am putting the book together and sending it to print, hopefully by the end of this week. That part is stressful but I think everything should work out. I am also debating whether or not I want to get posters printed for thesis night! I am hustling now!