I am currently working on developing the creative concept for my final thesis. I am siding more towards having the photographs of trash be a reflection on my life living in an apartment complex and have the photos sort of tell a story about the people who live there and the cycles in which the apartment revolves around with constantly new tenants, and the furniture and trash that they leave behind at the dumps. I have really enjoyed finding logos and marketing slogans that have interesting things to say and photograph, especially when the words give a little irony to the project. I hope that by documenting the trash in my neighborhood it shows the amount of diverse life that grows, gets left behind, and is had in apartment complexes. In further photos, I will also document my own trash that I accumulate throughout the coming weeks, as I have started organizing and holding onto some of my own trash for this project. I plan to scan some of the trash and also scan myself with the trash on the scanner. I also plan to photograph myself in a pile of trash. Another way that I plan to photograph my personal trash is by organizing it into bottles, paper products, etc. I definitely have a lot of room to expand in this project and these will be my next steps to take.