Oh man. What a stressful few weeks it has been. Between applying for jobs, working at an (amazing) internship, and trying to prep for post-grad life, school has been on the back burner a bit.Honestly, I’ve been really frustrated with a lot of stuff surrounding school. The only classes I’m taking right now are thesis, my last gen ed (living religions of the global world), and a course for my major that I genuinely don’t feel like I’ve learned anything from. Between my classes, finishing all my drawings, and my position paper, I’m just ready to be done with everything and I feel like it’s getting dragged out way more than it needs to be.

I have 4 posters that I’m finally happy with along with a few transparent designs to go on stickers, and a couple of prints. The posters have been sent to the printer so hopefully I’ll be able to pick them up on Monday and make sure they’re all in good shape. My biggest task now is getting the last two posters up to my standards. 


The plan for thesis night is to have each movie poster framed and hung and have the prints and stickers displayed on my table. I’d also like to have a binder with all of my drafts to show the process and how much I’ve put into this. 


Less than a month to go. We’re in the home stretch!