Since beginning my campus style instagram account, I have 11 posts featuring 7 different students on the Instagram account @campustyle_phl and I have 4 student photoshoots that I’m in the process of editing. I’ve been getting great support from other students and have had quite a few students reach out to me via Instagram who are interested in being photographed. With Thesis Day approaching I will be working on editing and posting the 4 remaining photo shoots. Additionally, because I’ve been receiving so much interest from Arcadia students I haven’t pursued photographing at some Philly campuses. While most of the shoots started out very impromptu, with me approaching someone on campus and the shoot lasted around 20-30 minutes, they’ve developed to be closer to 40 minutes to an hour as I’ve had more interest from students and have to schedule specific times. All in all, I’m having a lot of fun with the shoots and it’s helped me meet new students. With each student I post, I get more followers even though that wasn’t necessarily the goal. I’m currently in the process of planning how I will present my project on Thesis Day.