My 4th Blog is about the raw footage I capture for my actual video. I didn’t edit anything in this video; I just wanted to show raw footage. Also, I took the sounds out of the video so you would just see the footage and not hear it. It’s like a sneak preview. My project is definitely coming along well; my hard work and effort make this happen. I can’t wait to complete my project and let everyone see it. What’s interesting about creating this video is the progress and how I use old footage like videos I made way back in my freshmen year of college. I tried to find videos I made back in high school, but it’s hard to get in touch with my high school teacher, so I am working with the videos I have access to. Another thing I like about this video is I get to be myself and speak my mind. I love my frame of work and ideas. I think the most time is spent on is editing. I will start on that soon. I do have a couple more shots I need to shoot. But this video shows some of the shots I got. One struggle I came across is finding help to film; say, if I’m in that scene, I need someone to film me. People’s schedules are busy, so most of the shoots I did myself. My sister helped me for a few. But overall, this has been good progress, and I can’t wait to drop my Documentary, so stay tuned. Thank you!