Beth and I’s project is going great. One major change is that we have taken the clothing swap from our Blitz Carnival section, and are now hosting a separate event. So many people have given us positive feedback on the idea, I’ve even heard a few mention it in passing which is really exciting to hear. We’re hosting it on April 4th from 6 PM – 8 PM in the Castle Dining Room and we’re really excited to see the outcome.

    Recently, our contribution to the Blitz Carnival gave us an awesome opportunity. The carnival will now be branded to say “Campus Life partnered with Twelve Seeds”, instead of just Beth and I as sustainability chairs on the committee. This is a nice appreciation and we’re really thankful for their recognition!

    For our seeds, we have completed three more. One was about reusable household items. We learned that the price for reusable items may be scary at first, but they are more durable and last longer and in the long run can save a person a lot of money. We looked at different brands like Billie or Blueland that help cut back plastic waste on everyday items. Our next seed was making our own oat milk. Beth bought a bag to make it, and we learned that the dairy industry has A LOT of issues revolving around environmental impacts and if you take milk in your coffee, that will account for about two-thirds of the carbon footprint of the drink. Finally, over spring break we chose environmentally friendly exercising alternatives, rather than an indoor cardio machine that uses a lot of energy. I went hiking at Grayson Highlands State Park in Virginia, and Beth took long walks with her dog, Ellie.