The ARC Radio is back (well almost)!!

Throughout the past couple of weeks, things have been progressing and we are getting closer and closer to the launch date! We have lots of things in the works are looking to have a soft launch date directly after spring break. This week I have lots of meetings planned with members, leaders, and faculty. We are working on lots of behind-the-scenes infrastructure things such as creating rules, documents, and most importantly getting all the necessary information to start going on air. 

So far we have:

  • Cleaned out old stuff, donated items to goodwill, and organized the equipment
  • Begun decorating and making the space feel more welcoming and cozy
  • Done a few successful test broadcasts 
  • Started drafting our budget requests for SGO
  • Submitted a maintenance request to get the AC/heating unit working again (It is VERY hot in there) 
  • Created a Discord for communication
  • (Most importantly) Gained tons of new interest

Things are progressing and I am very excited about it! I am grateful to be working with a great team of students and faculty who are as passionate about the ARC Radio, as I am. By the time I post my next blog, I hope that the Arc has had a successful soft launch broadcast, that we have students on-air doing their own shows, and we have received our new upgraded equipment. I know that as soon as we smooth out all of the little bumps, the ARC will be back and better than ever!