I’ve been working a lot on the illustrations the past week or so and I’ve got a solid amount done now that I’m happy with. I think I might print some soon just to see how they actually look when blown up so I don’t get to the week before and realize they’re too blurry and I have to redraw them on a different size or higher resolution canvas. I wish there wasn’t a layer cap in ProCreate. It’s been keeping me from doing bigger/higher resolution drawings or I have to take a crazy amount of time in trying to find then carrying out workarounds. 


I would really like to rewatch all of these movies at some point soon, probably starting with the ones I don’t have much drawn for yet, but I don’t have a ton of time these days. In addition to my class schedule, I’m also working 20-25 hours a week at an (awesome) internship, I’m the VP of the Cabaret club on campus that requires around 4-6 hours/week of rehearsal time in addition to my VP duties, and I’m directing a scene from Midsommar for the Underseige director’s showcase later this month. I’m the kind of person who loves to stay busy and it’s nearing the point in the semester when I take breaks from work with easier work so I often find myself drawing in my “downtime” instead of just resting. Also, my back and shoulders are absolutely obliterated from being hunched over all the time doing homework and intern work and drawing on my iPad. God, I really need a standing desk.