A lot has happened since my last blog. For our Instagram page, Beth and I have continued on our individual sustainable journey by composting, grocery shopping, and making a low waste meal.

I have been composting all year right in Oak Summit because my roommate, Faith Rineer, has an under-the-sink compost bucket. We interviewed her about her experience- “ “Composting in your backyard can be daunting and a lot of hard work, and for college students it’s nearly impossible. That’s why places that collect compost like MOM’s Organic are super useful! It’s really simple – I just use a stainless steel compost bin and compostable bags from earthhero.com which sit under our sink. Throughout the week we collect fruit and veggie scraps, egg shells, coffee grounds, and small paper products. about once a week i take the full bin to MOM’s who will take it from there!” We also went to MOM’s Organic to bring our own container to buy pasta!

For the low waste meal, we ended up creating fried rice with broccoli stems, a part of broccoli that is typically wasted, and brown sugar rice balls from mixing water and leftover rice. Both foods were really delicious, and helped towards less food waste!

As for our event, we are finally settled on what we want to do. Beth and I are now the Sustainability Chairs of the Blitz Carnival Committee, which is a student carnival that falls on Earth Day. Lucky for us, tying sustainability undertones into the theme of the event is really easy because of the date it falls on. We will also have a section of the Haber Green during the event to promote environmentalism, sustainability, and provide fun giveaways that are eco-friendly. Our job also includes contributing ideas on how to make the Carnival more environmentally- with non-wasteful games, compostable utensils from food trucks, and signage that will be promoting environmental education.