It’s been 3 weeks since my last blog post and so much has happened since then. I’ve edited and produced 2 episodes and I’ve got another interview tonight! I’m on a roll, it took me a minute to understand and get used to my workflow but I’m in the groove now. I get my 700> word intro written by Tuesday evening, have an interview done by Thursday evening, I can usually edit and upload on Friday. The biggest part of this routine is discipline and finding time to dedicate to my other classes. I’ve been doing really well despite becoming easily overwhelmed from time to time. The key seems to be kindness and understanding for myself and my situation. In my last blog post, I expressed disappointment at being a week behind because my life was literally hell (and still is!) but I can now proudly say that I’m back on track and plan on producing one podcast episode a week. I feel like I’m practicing for a real world media producing job which is great. I’m enjoying myself even when I’m not having fun. I think my podcast is super cool for a one man band situation. The subject matter is interesting and my guests have been superb so far. I think i’m creating something that will look really good on my resume. While I never thought that podcasting would be the route I would take, it’s one that comes really naturally. In conclusion, senior slump is kicking my ass but I’m kicking senior slump’s ass too.

Gadson, Jalyn 10:50 AM (2 hours ago) to me